Why should I deposit in Gnanashale Souharda Co-operative Ltd and not in any Nationalised or big bank?
  • First, your return on investment is higher than a bank (look up our Products page).
  • Second, your money is safe and secure.
  • Third, if you invest in SHG line of products, it not only earns you higher interest rates, but also helps create micro-entrepreneurs.

Your investment has Twin Power. In a bank your money just earns you interest and nothing more. In Gnanashale, it not only earns you higher rate of interest, but you are also involved in nation building activity. You are involved not in charity, but in a developmental mission – of creating army of micro-entrepreneurs.

How will I benefit from becoming a shareholder?
A shareholder, unlike a bank customer, is a member of the co-operative. As a member, you have many rights, including participation in annual general body meeting and to suggest changes, if any. As a shareholder, you will get dividend on your equity. As of 2018, Gnanashale had declared a dividend of 16 per cent.
How safe is my deposits with you?

Your deposits are extremely safe with Gnanashale. We have created checks and balances in the system to ensure safety.

We have created assets worth nearly Rs. 10 crores. Unlike, most co-operatives who operate from rented or leased buildings; we have consciously worked towards creating our own buildings.

We have high ratio of Reserves, over 20 per cent, higher than the industry norm.

The non-performing assets (NPA) ratio is almost nil. The repayments by member-borrowers are prompt.

Till date, there is no bad debt from our financing of WSHG. The repayments are prompt. This is because there is a joint liability of the WSHGs.

How do you finance WSHGs, is it from my deposits? If yes, does it affect profitability?

We give micro loans to women self help groups. We have a network of officers in the villages we are present. These officers collect the EMI.

Our performance in villages is noteworthy. The WSHG members value us as we provide funds when they need.

What percentage of deposits is allocated for WSHG activities?
We allocate 20 per cent of our deposits.
How is the repayment by WSHG members?
It is praiseworthy. The rural women under the SHG fold are prompt in repayment. Joint liability of the group ensures that there is no default in payment.
What specific products have you created for WSHG members?
We have created SHG Bonds which earn higher rate of interest. Please look up products page.
What are you future plans with regard to WSHG and deposits?

Gnanashale plans to expand WSHG activities in Karnataka. We are now in 55 villages, having created 14,000 micro-entrepreneurs.

Our vision is to create 10,00,000 women entrepreneurs in Karnataka alone. We believe that an empowered woman can change the lives of many, beginning with her own family.

What has been Gnanashale’s growth like?
We began in 2010 with 1,000 members and share capital of Rs. 10 lakhs. As of 2018, we have nearly 5,000 members and deposits of nearly Rs. 100 crores. In our first year, we paid a dividend of 2 % and in 2018 the dividend was 16 %.
What is Gnanashale’s roadmap?
Gnanashale has ambitious plans and with your support we would like to see an empowered India. We are targeting 10 lakh women entrepreneurs by 2022. We have 9 branches in four districts of Karnataka and would like to have branches in all the districts.

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